Herd Protection

Our Great Pyrenees, Duke

Duke is absolutely amazing! We brought him home to the farm in December 2018 and he instantly went to work. When he’s not “hamming it up” for the camera, he is on the clock. He is everything that an LGD should be and loves his herd immensely!

Our Anatolian Shepherd, Duchess

Duchess was brought home to RHF in January 2019. Mr. RHF decided that Duke needed a pal. Even at a very young age, Duchess has proven her worth. She is a fast, steady, & smart-as-a-whip pup, and has a love for Duke and her herd that is immeasurable.

Our sweet Great Pyrenees LGD-in-training, Nyla

Where do we even BEGIN with this precious girl?! Nyla came to RHF at 8 weeks old & took straight to Duke for guidance, and has not left his side since. She loves our goats, has proven that she’s gonna be one heck of an LGD, & is beyond the sweetest pup ever!

Our Barn Cat, Jeremiah

Jeremiah is one that we just adore. He was brought home to the farm in March 2019. On a whim (and after Mr. RHF finding mice in the doe barn!), we found a rescue facility, located over an hour away, that was open on a Sunday. After walking into Shelby Humane Society, telling them that we wanted a barn cat, and taking one look at Jeremiah, we knew he was the one for us. After a few weeks of acclimation, he decided that RHF was HIS home. When not sleeping in the Bermuda hay feeder or playing with Duke & Duch, he “mans” the doe barn with his life. We didn’t rescue him. He rescued us!

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