Herd Management

Our herd’s health is of utmost importance. Our animals are fed high quality alfalfa hay straight from Wyoming, in addition to Bermuda grass hay. They are also provided with a 16% protein dairy ration that is garnished with black oil sunflower seed, beet pulp, and Diamond V yeast. Fresh clean water, loose minerals, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are offered free choice and are available at all times.

The herd is dewormed as needed and are vaccinated against Clostridium Perfringens C & D, Tetanus, Pasteurella for pneumonia, and mastitis. Supplemental copper boluses and BoSe (as source of selenium) are also given. Animals are tested yearly for CAE. We maintain a G6S normal herd via parentage or test.

As we grow in 2020 and kidding begins, we will incorporate strict CAE prevention. Kids will be housed on a bottle and separately from the adult goats and Baycox will be administered as coccidiosis prevention.

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